Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

You are an entrepreneur with a big vision. You are passionate about your business, care about your customers, and want your online presence to reflect that. You also want to stand out from the competition and express your authentic self, but you don’t know where to start. You do some online research and debate whether to do it yourself or hire a professional.

What is the difference? The difference is…time!

You can spend hours and hours reading and learning how to create a website on your own. Trying to decide which is the best platform for your website? What are a domain name and hosting and which company should you buy them from? What is an SSL and do you really need one? How about E-Commerce? Then, how to attract your target customers? Which color palette, theme, style best reflect your business and express your vision and mission? How do you get on Google’s good side so people can find your business?

You can do all this by yourself, learn via trial and error…


You can hand over all these time-consuming tasks to someone who is passionate and expert in solving these exact problems.


That’s where I come in!

I listen to your vision, your story, and help you find the best way to express it online in a way that speaks to the heart of your customers.  I design a website that is powerful, majestic, secure, modern and easy to use.  I help you choose the platform that best fits your needs and explain to you all technical terms in an easy-to-understand and quick way. I teach you how to update the website without any code and help you with other digital needs like photography, logo design, copywriting services. From the wild jungle of tech and Internet, I create for you an easy to tame website that will bring you happiness, peace of mind and freedom to focus on your passion instead of technical topics. 


How Do We Start?

Send me a message via this contact form. I’ll get back to you in one business day and we’ll schedule a one-hour free consultation (by phone, video conference or in-person if you are in NYC). We’ll discuss your website needs (new website, redesign of old websites, maintenance, consulting, design, etc.) and I’ll make a proposal of services that best fit your needs. We’ll get you booked and start the work.


How Much Does It Cost?

My hourly consulting fee is $75.

I offer discounted packages of:

  • 5 hours for $338
  • 10 hours for $675
  • 15 hours for $1,035
  • 20 hours for $1,350

Web Consulting Packages



Services I Offer:

  • new website creation with Squarespace
  • blog setup
  • website updates, redesign and maintenance (Squarespace or WordPress)
  • template customization with custom CSS code
  • training on how to update your website
  • brand identity consulting
  • logo design
  • social media pages creation, maintenance and training
  • Facebook Ads campaign creation
  • photo manipulation and compositing with Photoshop
  • e-commerce integration
  • email newsletters setup with MailChimp
  • business cards custom design with Photoshop
  • marketing flyers design with Photoshop
  • banner ads design with Photoshop

I am a Squarespace Circle Member – ask me about discounts and other perks for new customers!








Not included in the fees (what you have to provide):

  • Squarespace and email setup fees
  • images, logo, copy for the website (if you don’t have them, I am working with expert freelancers who can create them for you. Contact me to know the additional fees.)