UX Design

To create wireframes, mock-ups, and interactive prototypes, I work with Balsamiq Mockups, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Invision. More samples of my UX design projects are available upon request.


UX Design Sample Project: ICMVD – Institut de Communication Moderne Vaud


Balsamiq Wireframe and Sketch Mock-up

Design Tools/CMS used: Balsamiq Mock-ups, Sketch, InVision, WordPress.

Link to final project: http://icmvd.com

Project Description: ICMVD is a Swiss start-up that offers individual courses in math, foreign languages, marketing, accounting and visual arts for kids, adults and business owners. It removes the pain of commuting by providing tutors available for on-demand courses for busy professionals on Fridays and Saturdays. My role was to design, test and develop the website for this project, as well as create their brand identity (logo). I collaborated with marketing and visual art to launch this project.

Workflow: I created low fidelity wireframes with Balsamiq to iterate through many design options quickly, I created high fidelity mock-ups with Sketch to provide a colored visual representation before creating the actual website and I designed the company logo starting from a hand-sketched design provided by the art director.

After clicking through my InVision prototype, the clients were able to get a feeling of how the new website will be and test between two main design versions. The one-page scrolling option was the preferred one.

After deciding on the design, we chose a premium WordPress Theme based on the Genesis framework for increased security and search engine optimization (SEO). I incorporated the website content into the content management system. We reviewed the website and tested it on different devices and browsers. When the final version was approved by the client, I published the website online.

Conclusion: I learned about the process of creating a website from general ideas to final online version. I also learned how to work with clients from different teams and how to present my design options and justify my recommendations.

During the user research process, it was surprising to see how many Swiss clients still relied on word-of-mouth recommendations and business cards with only phone number and email address as contact information. Adding a website to the business card was perceived as a luxury instead of a must-have.

A challenge of this project was to define the content of the website. Working together with their team, we managed to categorize and structure the content to be best displayed in the WordPress template.

At the start of our project, most customers found the company via word-of-mouth recommendations. After launching the website, we saw a significant increase in customers finding the company online and a new level of perceived professionalism at marketing events, when the clients showcase the website URL on their business cards.

While the whole project was a huge learning experience, I especially loved iterating on designs and testing those new designs on users. This tight feedback loop helped take the ambiguity out of our designs, and it felt good to produce designs with the confidence that users would enjoy and understand it.


Balsamiq Wireframe


Sketch Mock-up
Company Logo