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New Customized Bootstrap Template Website Creation

Calvin Alexander Ramsay, an author and playwright who has been featured in the New York Times and Humans of New York, needed a personal website to publicize his work. I customized a Bootstrap template to be fully responsive and optimized for tablet and mobile devices. I also took the author’s photograph for the homepage. When building this page, I focused on creating a layout that would showcase this website’s content clearly so visitors could learn more about the client and his writing.

“Silvia is a professional web developer who listens to her clients’ needs and wants. Silvia has special talents and work ethics that I find refreshing. Silvia completed my website in a speedy and professional manner. Silvia is a friendly, passionate and caring person.”

– Calvin Alexander Ramsey Sr., Book Author and Playwright Featured in New York Times and Humans of New York, New York, NY


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