A new year has started, and while many people make resolutions in January that they forget about in February, this is a good time to make a long-lasting commitment to your business, by creating a professional website.

Why do you need a professional website?

I might be biased because I am a web designer, but in today’s society dominated by technology, the website is a mirror of your brand and business. It is not enough anymore to just have a website, any website. With the abundance of free or very cheap tools like Wix and Weebly, anyone can have a website today. It is the quality of the website nowadays that makes people stand out from the competition.

A professional website takes into account the personality of the business – yes, brands, like people, have personalities and they develop and change over time. That’s why a website has to be flexible, easy to update, dynamic, interactive, mobile-friendly, user-friendly and modern.

Having an amateur-looking or outdated website sends out messages to potential customers that are bad for your business. They might think that you don’t value your business and customers enough to invest in a quality website to make it easier for them to find information and present it in a beautiful and modern way. Or that you are not well established and a serious business, but rather having a hobby.

Which are the best website builders?

For sure, Squarespace and WordPress. You can read more about the difference between them and my recommendations here.

What are the web design trends for 2018?

  • Geometric shapes, minimalism, simplicity will continue in 2018 but will be enhanced by bright and bold colors, large fonts and asymmetry
  • Photos will be brand-customized, not stock photos anymore
  • Unique illustrations and animations will be present
  • Video content will be an important addition to photos
  • The websites will be focused on interactive content: quizzes, blogs, social media connections with the brand, as customers are more and more interested to know the “behind-the-scenes” as well, the real people behind the brand
  • The brands will follow a consistency of the company message across different channels of social media
  • While flat design with monochrome colors was fashionable in the past, in 2018 bold gradients will take over the spotlight

Pantone Color of the year 2018 is Ultra Violet

The Pantone Color Institute, a world-recognized leading source of color recommendations for brand identity, chose Ultra Violet as the color of 2018. It is a purple shade that “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”. Read more about it here.

This is an example of a color palette that I created using Adobe Color Wheel and featuring Ultra Violet as the last color on the right.

Are you ready to take charge of your business’ future in 2018? Let’s talk about your business, brand identity and website vision! Get in touch to schedule a free discovery call!

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