After going to school to become a web designer, I started working on my portfolio, To create the current logo, it was a whole process starting from a picture of a sand cat (a wild cat living in the desert) and experimenting with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I was trying to create a connection between the sand cat and web design. First attempts looked like this:

Cat paw inside a start button
Stylized start button with cat claw

I wasn’t happy with any of them. The first one seemed too complicated and the second one too aggressive.

The next step was to ask my mom (who is an artist) to draw me a sand cat head, which I afterward edited in Illustrator:

Original sand cat drawing by my mom
The Illustrator-edited version

These images looked interesting but too complicated for a logo.

After this step, I purchased a logo online, that represented a cat in sand colors:

Cat logo purchased online

This version was closer to what I had in mind for Sand Cat, although the triangle-shaped head and the smile needed a makeover.

Inspired by this logo, I recreated it completely in Illustrator, adjusting the shape of the head, the color, and the facial expression to match a sand cat. This is the final version, which is exactly what I envisioned as a logo for my business, representing the connection between the sand cat and web design:

The final version of the Sand Cat logo

Here are some great tutorials on how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop:

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